srijeda, 24. travnja 2019.

Busy life,happy wife !!!!

Hi all,

I haven’t written anything in a very long time, since January this year. It’s not all right, shame on me but I’ve been really busy with all the shootings, fashion events and so on. Will do my best to write more :)

This is actually my jubilee the 10th fashion blog which makes me really happy. So I’ve decided to write what is in my heart at this moment.
Soon it will be anniversary of writing my blog and opening my Instagram profile. Exact date is May 16th. You can only imagine how happy I am. Only one year passed and I already have 795 followers. That’s really WOW for me.

I wanna thank you all for supporting me and reading my blog. Some may think that my posts are stupid or boring but that’s their problem. I’m cool with it. I find my Instagram profile and my blog a great joy and treasure because a lot of people with open hearts are helping me take tiny steps to my goal. They live my fashion dream with me. And today, I can honestly say that with a help of my family and friends, I did it ! :)

When I started living my fashion dream, my family and friends supported me. In December I celebrated 57th birthday. In recent year I got many opportunities to live my fashion dream to its fullest. I did few interviews, guested in fashion shows on TV, but the thing that makes me so happy is that I’ve met so many people from fashion world. They all recognized my avantgarde style and support it. Many of them are famous designers from Croatia and all over the world which makes me really happy. That is how I know I’ve succeed.
Once again, I wanna thank everyone who is supporting me. Big thanks to all the medias who recognized me and of course, big thanks to my family who made it all possible. Without them, this whole story would be mission impossible.

Guys, I’m getting married!

Also, I wanna let you all know I’m beyond happy. My partner has finally proposed to me on February 7th and we will say our yes for eternity’ in September. My two beautiful daughters supports us and I thank them from my hearth.

Our wedding will be a big party for our family and friends. The thing that makes me real happy is that I will be able, one more time, to show you all my avantgarde style by choosing my wedding dress. Of course, it won’t be classic dress, as well as I’m not a classic bride :) It will be some design that I will be able to wear after the wedding, something cool and avantgarde, but this is just a preview. I will write you more about it and try to surprise you with my choice of clothes and designer.

Wow, now I wrote a lot of it here. If I were to write more, I wouldn’t need
to put all of this in just one blog. Anyhow, I will try to keep you posted and updated about my life in general, with new photos and by writing the blog. I have a lot of things to say :)
But in general, don’t forget that the most important thing in life is to be yourself and to know what do you want. One should never give up on their dreams and that is the path to make them come true. Now I’m sure that my saying “Always be yourself” which I stated in my first blog, has really came out from deepest parts of my heart.

Remember guys, love, honesty and being professional in what you do are a guarantee of a business success.

Yours tiny_little_blonde

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Busy life,happy wife !!!!

Hi all, I haven’t written anything in a very long time, since January this year. It’s not all right, shame on me ...