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Hello everybody!
I haven't written anything for a long time, but I'm back again. I wanted to share one beautiful fashion I've experienced with you all.
I have to admit that I was very wrong at the time when I decided to become a senior fashion blogger. I was assured that if you want to be a model, you have to have certain proportions of body, long, skinny legs and so on. Also, I thought that age matters and that you have to be young. How wrong was I...
I learned that the most important thing in fashion world, as well as in life, is to be yourself and to know what you want. People should never give up on their dreams because all dreams can come true.
An Italian designer, who has Croatian roots, but lives and works in Italy asked me to be a model for her Winter collection 2019. I thought to myself that it will probably be exhausting. It was 30 degrees Celsius outside and I had to wore winter clothes. But I thought to myself: "No problem!" I love my job and I will always try to work best I can. I know I can do it because a love for my job gives me the strength to do it.
DV STYLE brand is located in the center of the fashion world - Italy. It is a place where only the best ones survive. If you are an average fashion designer, it probably won't end well for you. Also, very important thing is that you design your clothes always having one thought in mind - customer comes first. It is also a slogan of this great designer from DV STYLE. She is always very professional and at service to any client at any time.
She loves her job and enjoys it in a full sense of that word. Bags, backpacks, leather jackets, pants.. everything she designs is made with a lot of love. Every single piece has a unique story. Her products are all hand crafted. She doesn't design a lot of fashion pieces which makes every single piece totally unique. Bags and backpacks she designs are made of leather, combined with always real fur. All of it can be worn on at least three different ways. This designer brings a piece of herself in every single design. Before she starts to sell her stuff, she always tries them on for herself. If she's pleased, then she starts doing her fashion magic in her „design atelier“. That's actually her moto. If she is satisfied with the product, so will the customers be. Beside leather products, her little but professional fashion company makes clothes - pants, tunics, jackets, shirts, T-shirts and so on. All of it are made of natural fabrics, all clothes are very comfortable and wearable in any occasion. I'm delighted that in October is launching their web shop I assure you that woman of all generations will enjoy in that magnificent experience. Until then, you will just have to take my word for granted. Professionalism of this unique designer will make every woman happy and she will adapt clothes to your size and needs, it doesn't matter which size you wear. I'm still saying that client should always come first.
Love and professionalism in your job are guaranty for business success.
Yours tiny_little_blonde

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