četvrtak, 19. srpnja 2018.




Just like our Vedran Ćorluka said: 'No one here is normal'. Well, I totally agree.

I watched every game of Croatian national football team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, supported them every single time with all my heart. Sometimes it was really stressful so I couldn't look in a room. I went out in my garden a few times. But outside it was just as noisy as it was inside, so it really didn't matter. My heart was flamingly when ever I supported Croatian representation.

Our whole neighborhood literally roared when game was on TV. My heart is still so excited about success of Croatian football national team. Croatian footballers are the ones who united our nation with their victory. We all breathed as one, we were all so proud. We were all one. They filled our hearts with pride and joy.

Long lived our 'Vatreni'. I honestly believe that they managed to melt down even the coldest hearts.
On a day they arrived in Zagreb, we were all very excited. All Croatians and even the turists from other countries went to the city to support our footballers. We wore our red and white 'squared' clothes and the homecoming of Croatian football team in Zagreb was simply amazing.

When a plane carrying our footballers flew over town of Zagreb, accompained with 2 fighter jets aside escorting them, for me it was beautiful. The feeling of togetherness, pride and love. It was perfect. Everyone screamed of joy, we claped, waved, cried... MIG21 fighter jets sounded just like Formula1 is driving trough the sky. A wonderful sound of engine was ripping the sky.

We waited for our national footballers for a very long time, more than seven hours because they were driving in a open top bus trouhgout the entire city to the main square. When they finally arrived in Ilica street, the longest street in Zagreb, we saw them at close distance. They looked so happy and joyful. Everyone was proud of them as they were of us. It was indescribable, just like one Croatian football fan song says. Shouting, clapping, songs. Entire atmosphere was boiling up in a big jar of love for our CROATIAN GOLDEN GUYS.

After 10 pm my husband and I went home. Rain was falling but we walked slowly to nearest tram station, just like all other people. We were all happy, satisfied, joyful and with smiles on our faces.
This bring me to one question I wanna ask you in the end. Will we become better people inspired with this wave  of love? Or was it all just 'one day stand'? Have we learned something out of it?

I sure did. I realized that true love, big heart, togetherness and strong will lead to victory. Not only in football, to every victory in life. 
Yours tiny_little_blonde




nedjelja, 1. srpnja 2018.

LIFE - every day I discover something new



When you're a woman in my age, you've already came up with a lot of experience during the years. But then again, even when I think I know it all, I come to realise that every day in life can bring you something new, interesting or beautiful. In those moments, I realise that everything that happens in life is for a reason.
Life trully is beautiful, a person just needs to find itself and joy.
I've known Nataša Sarađen for many years now. She is a true darling, wonderful woman, so much polite and always with a smile on her face. She sparkles like she was brought to this world to make people happy and to pull out the best from each and every one of us. All of us have a lot of kindness and love in ourselves and we just need to let it out.
Anyhow, I accidentally ran into Nataša in the centre of Zagreb. We started talking and she told me her husband holds a small antique shop in Tkalčićeva street. Also, he is a photographer. Nataša suggested he could take pictures of me in his shop.
What a wonderful gesture - I thought to myself. I couldn't believe my luck.
So Nataša and I decided to get some coffee near her husbands shop.
I was wearing my favourite, you may guess, avantgarde clothes and my "crazy" haircut so I was a little worried will I fit in the antique store ambient. Did I succeed, well that's something you'll see when you look at my new blog photos.
Sarađen - Small antiques shop in Tkalčićeva 29 is a beautifull small store looking like it came out from a fairytale. It's filled with beautiful stuff, a place where all the antique lovers and one yet to become can really enjoy.
There are a lot of different clocks, sunglasses, doctors bags, womans purses, flutes, phones, interesting boots, old photos... everything you can imagine. Place that makes you feel like you're back in 1930s where you also want to stay. It made me feel like no panic or rush exsists, it felt like place when phones don't buzz all the time and a place where everything is somehow calm, peaceful and easy.
-No, I don't want to go out in city's rush, I just want to stay here and relax - I was thinking to myself while my dear host, owner of the shop Radomir Sarađen, was telling me the history of every little beautiful stuff in that shop.
His stories were incredible and the way he passionatelly talked about his job was a really treat to hear nowadays.
Even though I loved the shop, we had to get out in Tkalčićeva to begin the photoshooting. Radomir was extremly professional, hardworking and devoted, it was all so really nice.
When we finished the shooting, Radomir went back to his peace oasis while Nataša and I continued to drink coffee in noisy Tkalčićeva street, trying to ignore the crowd.
It was really a special experience for me, a lovely day and a lovely shop. Don't pass by it, make sure you go in there and believe me, you'll have a beautiful time.
Yours tiny_little_blonde



Busy life,happy wife !!!!

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