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How was it on first ELLE Boutique by Smartwater?


ELLE Boutique event by Smartwater was held  in Archeological museum in Zagreb


A new project of the most popular domestic fashion magazine welcomed many famous people and famous designers in Arheological Museum in Zagreb. People were able to try on and buy some of the most popular fashion designs.

Eighteen famous designers presented their new fashion pieces. The designers are: IO Ivana Omazić, Dioralop, XD Xenia Dessign, I-Gle, Aleksandra Dojčinović, Charlie Design, Price on Request, Envy Room, Boudoir, Ana Maria Ricov, Sanja Lamut, Klisab, A'Marie, Loré, Lokomotiva by Lana Puljić, Sheriff & Cherry and Sovilj.

General partner of the first ELLE Boutique was Smartwater, a company that introduced gathered people with new water which a lot of famous people around the world choose and drink every day.

"Today we all live accelerated lives. The way we live and the way we work are changing parallel with technology. We use more and more technology and it seems like we have less and less time for ourselves and our health. Because of it, Coca-Cola has made ideal solution for busy lifestyle, intended for all young, urban, modern and ambitious people. Smartwater offers fresh taste and it is absolute hit for everyday hidratation" - said Ivana Boršić from Coca-Cola company.

"A lot of celebrities around the world already choosed Smartwater. Famous actress Jennifer Aniston, which in her busy schedule is always trying to find a little time for herself, described Smartwater in just few words: "It is inspired and it insipres". Smartwater is already positioned as number one premium brand in USA and Great Britain.

Are you thirsty for something new? Well, with Smartwater you won't make a mistake, so choose wisely.

First ELLE Boutique event was backed up by a lot of famous Croatia people. To name a few, there was Ana Begić Tahiri, Sandra Perković, Kristina Krepela, Mia Biondić, Nera Stipičević, Miran Kurspahić, Marija Borić, Petra Friganović and many others. 

In gallery of photos look how much fun we had!

All photos were taken by: Josip Regović, Robert Gašpert, Aleksandar Selak for Elle magazine & private archive


Tomislav Bahorić & Spirit by T.B. and  tiny_little_blonde


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