petak, 1. lipnja 2018.

Avantgarde, that's the way I like it

Enjoying shopping




The week has passed so fast and it seemed to me that I didn't really have an inspiration for a new blog. But that was just an asumption. As soon as I've startred to type, words just crawled out. That's what makes me happy because then I also write this blog with a lot of love.
First of all, I think all women are beautiful. Each and every one of us has a unique style that gives her additional charm. My mother told me a long time ago: 'Even when you're home with your family, you should always look good and be beautiful because all women need to have high standards about their look, anytime and anywhere'.  I agree.
Also, I believe that almost all women like shopping. When someone ask me if I want to be their shopping buddy for the day, I'm thrilled, but I'm not really grateful partner for collective shopping. Here I would like to quote late famous Croatian funk singer Dino Dvornik who said: 'Africa, that the way I like it'. Well, dear Dino, I agree, I've been to Africa but now it is only left for me to sing 'Avantgarde, that's the way I like it'. 
My girlfriends know what kind of style I like and what is it I don't like. But I love them very much so it is not a bother for me to shop with them in shops in which I usually wouldn't even get in alone. For example, it's a store with beautiful high heels shoes which really are great, but not on my foot. Even though I wore some high heels shoes during the years, I somehow don't see myself in it. God bless flats, I love those.
My favorite kind of shopping is when I walk in some avantgarde boutique and spend hours in it, trying out lots of different models of clothes. That makes me so happy. I usually buy one stuff or sometimes even nothing. My rule in shopping is that I usually buy things that capture my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on it, without thinking will it fit me perfectly.
I know that I will somehow manage to make it look cool. 😊
Yesterday, my friend and I drank coffee in the center of a town and then had some quality girly time. We went to one of our favorite avantgarde stores in Zagreb, 
XD XENIA DESIGN in Petrinjska street.
There is a lot of great avantgarde fashion clothes there - dresses for special events, tunics, blouses and so on. There are so many beautiful clothes for ladies with style. This amazingly friendly salesgirl Goga, allowed me ti play a bit.😊 I told her about my blog and that I would like to try on a few pieces of clothes and take photos while wearing them and she let me. Enjojing at its finest.👍
So I tried on some shoes, dresses, shirts, blouses and felt like a real queen while my friend took photos of me. I can honestly say it was a great day to be alive.
And I'm also staying with my first statement - Avantgarde, that's the way I like it. 

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