nedjelja, 20. svibnja 2018.

Everything you do,do it with love

Everything you do, do it with love

Sunny day. Sunday, a day to rest. At least it should be like that.
I thought to myself, why not make this Sunday even better, with more sunshine. I wanted to fill my heart with love, with a bit more love and pleasure. I had a plan – first, coffee in town filled with sunshine and after that a short photo shooting. I write all my posts with much love and enjoy in work I do so it doesn't really matter is it working day or Sunday, as long as I'm happy ! And writing this fashion blog really makes me happy.
So today I made a short photo shooting. See, next week I need to devote to my regular responsibilities and won't be having much time to write blog. Also didn't want to left you, my dearest fans, without a new avantgarde fashion combination on my blog.
When I think about life, for me it's enough to remember that my family and friends always support me, in everything I do. I always say to them: "I want it, it makes me happy. 
Just believe in me and I will achieve what I want. I do what I do with pure love."
Every post I publish here is a result of a hard work from us all. We create all of this with love not even thinking will it ever be a big success. Or will it maybe enable us to get a penny or two. 
That is how I think one should actually act in life. You need to do everything with love, without any calculations. That is the way to welfare, for everything in your life be as it should.

That short photo shooting I was writing about – well, today I did in in front of my favorite hair salon  - avantgarde STUDIO Mila in Radićeva street in Zagreb. I collaborate with those great people  for more than 25 years.
With my specific hairstyle, today I opted for black and white combination of clothes made by my dear friend and fashion designer Loredana Bahorić -  Charlie design. I wore white overall, which I wore a year ago on my daughter's wedding. In Jamaica! Shoes are also from Charlie design store. Very, very comfortable. Pure magic. I call them 'my magic black shoes', because that is just the way I feel walking in them. You can always shop in Charlie desing and try them out.😍 
For accessories, I chose a bag signed by Italian brand Dvstyle and jewelry from Insieme.
Do you like my look? Leave your comment below😊 

So, right now the sun is pretty much all set, I've finished my coffee and I feel it's time for me to finish this post. I wish you all a very happy and joyful week. Enjoy in each day and in yourself, surround yourself only with love.
All the worries, problems, sicknesses.. leave them for some other times and other lives.
Tiny little blonde

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  1. Super look!

    xoxo Sienna

  2. Treba znati iznijeti sve te outfite a ti to vrlo dobro znaš 👍👌🤗 Sve pohvale tebi i dizajnerima na tako dobrim komadima 😍😘🌼💖


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