subota, 19. svibnja 2018.

Almost out of black

Saturday's  morning outfit

When I told my husband that I would like to start writing a fashion blog, he had a very interesting question.
'What if some designer wants you to take photos in his design, some dress perhaps, like in a multicolored one with flowers on it?' 
Wait, just a second, I have a lot more to work on before some designer asks me to take photos in his or hers designs. 
But my husband actually gave me a lot to think about with that question. What would I do in that situation?
I really can't remember when was the last time I wore something colored. I do have one red dress from my friend Loredana Bahorić - Charlie design, but it is avantgarde, so I love it, even if it's red.

So today I decided to wear a new fashion combination, to move away from black and white.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, just the kind to get coffee with my friend Zvjezdana and catch up. But there is always that same question - What will I wear today?
I open up my closet and there are only three colors. Or should I say no-colors.
Black, white and gray!
Wait a minute, I thought to myself. Maybe I could try something different today, something that's not black
I sat in front of my closet for some time but then the decision was made.
I decided to wear blue jeans (which I wore last time in high school), long white tunic from my dear friend Lori, black and red shoes and black jacket (something needed to be black) 😄

I'm actually so happy that I broke the ice and included jeans in my outfit. 
Proud and full of confidence I went to downtown.
My friend was a little surprised for seeing me in something that wasn't black but I was really happy. 

I guess life really isn't always black and white

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  1. Same for me...all I have in closet is black,white and grey.I feel the best when I am in black,really.I simply love it but I decide to try to wear other colours also 😁


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